Chakra Balancing Private Sessions

Balancing the Chakras is a pampered, spa like experience where you simply breath and relax. Customized essential Oils are applied and inhaled for each of the 7 Chakras in the body for various therapeutic effects. Specific breathing techniques as well as guided meditation enhance the Chakra balancing effects. This wonderful healing technique is perfect for those who feel out of balance mentally/physically. Chakra Balancing also brings freedom from stress, fatigue, trauma, health related issues and so much more.
There are a variety of ways to balance the Chakras but essential oils work wonderfully since they have the ability to heal on a cellular level. Essential Oils are intelligent so with a Chakra balancing session they go into the body via inhalation or topically to counter any imbalance that could lead to serious health issues. Therefore, the respiratory, digestive, reproductive, muscular, skin, neurological (all body) systems get a boost to function amazingly! Arise, Awaken, and emerge from this session with a new sense or focus, clarity, awareness, energy, peace and divine love and guidance.

Cost $50

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