GENTLE FLOW YOGA (A NEW CLASS!) Monday 6:15 - 7:15 pm

Gentle Flow Yoga is the perfect summer practice for slowing down and tapping into our cooling energy. With a variety of healing benefits, we embrace a gentle, therapeutic approach to practice. Enjoy deep stretches and long holds in combination with relaxing breath techniques. Gentle Flow infuses meditative Ayurvedic (self-healing) principles to maximize renewal for a peaceful journey of the mind, body, and spirit! ***This class can be taken solo or pairs well with the Wednesday 6:15 Core Strength Yoga for ultimate mind/body balance.

Read class etiquette and studio policies
  1. Please arrive on time. The doors will open 15 minutes prior to class time. The first five minutes of class are a crucial
    part of practice.
  2. Please turn off all cell phones, and leave personal belongings in the foyer, This includes, shoes, purses, etc. Fill the room from
    the front first, leaving space in the back for those who may arrive late.
  3. Should you arrive after class has started, quietly take a place in the back of the room.
  4. Please, no food or drinks in the studio. Bottled water is allowed.
  5. If you must leave class early, please take a place in the back of the room and leave before relaxation time begins.
    Please inform the instructor if you are leaving early.
  6. The equipment being used in each class will be displayed at the instructor's mat as you come in. Please pick up your
    equipment in the white cabinets prior to class beginning to prevent any distraction during class.
  7. For sanitary reasons, please bring your own mat.
  8. Please be dressed for class, as we do not offer facilites for changing.
  9. There may be times when another class is coming in after yours has finished. We allow 15 minutes of transition time
    between classes.
  10. Please be mindful of the residential area. Please drive slowly, and park in the designated spaces only.